Hello, I'm Magister!

I'm a freelance illustrator who loves drawing cute and sexy girls. Thanks to my fans, I can draw for a living so I decided to start up Magi Monthly as a way to thank those who continuously support me!

What is Magi Monthly?

Magi Monthly is a subscription service where you'll receive access to exclusive rewards illustrated by me. Rewards range from sketches and polls to illustrations and physical prints.

Exclusive Illustrations

Receive high resolution images of monthly illustrations in addition to lewd versions, only for Magi Monthly.

Behind-the-Scenes look

Access digital sketches and time-lapse videos showcasing my process.

Community Content

Participate in polls and hang out with myself and other members while I livestream my drawing process.

Physical merchandise

Get high-quality prints of monthly illustrations delivered to your doorstep, shipping always included.



    • 1 monthly full color illustration

    • exclusive lewd version

    • 4 detailed sketches
      +2 bonus sketches (500 member bonus)

    • 2 streams

    • 20% shop discount

    • secret shop access

    • character poll

    • discord role

    • optional print of monthly illustration

    * Members are billed on the 1st of each month. New subscriptions will be billed for both terms pictured.

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